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Description of Altar Guild Program and Activity:

  • Assisting clergy as requested.
  • Caring for vessels, linens, vestments, and furnishings as required for regular services or special occasions.
  • Replenishing supplies of Worship materials and candle oil, as necessary.
  • Ordering flowers.
  • Total number of members: 15

Budget: The financial needs of the Altar Guild are primarily met by the generous contributions of parishioners for flowers and memorials. Additionally, St. Francis Anglican Church Vestry includes our Guild in the “Vestments and Worship  Material” line of the general budget when contributions do not cover expenses.

Sources of Income: Purchase of Ordo Kalendars that are sold to the St. Francis congregation. Memorials through the year and especially at Easter and Christmas pay for flowers. If members wish to recognize anniversaries, birthdays or any other special day in their lives we gladly accept money for the flower fund. Checks should be deposited in the flower donation box at the rear of the sanctuary, or given to Nancy Critchfield-Jones.


• Nancy Critchfield-Jones is the Treasurer for the Altar Guild and we all submit our receipts for reimbursement to her. Nancy also orders the Ordo Kalendars for the church and keeps track of the sales. This is in addition to her regular Altar Guild duties.

• Angie and Steve McCown take care of the setup arrangements in the church for all baptismal services. Angie McCown also updates the current altar duty schedule and member list.

• A special member of our team is Audrey Woodgate. She is so faithful in calling Altar Guild Members to remind them of dates and special events the members need to know about.

• Special thanks to Phoebe Hughes who arranges the palms for Palm Sunday.

• Special thanks and recognition to all the unofficial members of the Altar Guild – the husbands of our members. We appreciate their help in lifting some of the heavy objects.

• I want to thank Gayle Harrell and Judy Reinhart, our substitute Altar Guild Members. They are called on to help out a team when a substitute team member is needed.

• A special thanks to all the Altar Guild Members who have been very faithful this year. It is a pleasure to work with all of you.

Plans/Goals/Needs/Anticipated Changes for 2016:

• To answer and inform any church member showing interest in the Altar Guild. I am willing to work with their schedule while they are in training. We can always use more members. I would like to form another team, to add to the five we have now.

• To continue replacement of communion linens as needed.


Becky Hunt



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