Exaltabo te, Domine.

I will magnify thee, O LORD; for thou hast | set me up,

* and not made my foes to | triumph over me.

2 O LORD my God, I cried | unto thee;

* and | thou hast heal-ed me.

3 Thou, LORD, hast brought my soul | out of hell:

* thou hast kept my life, that I should not go | down •into• the pit.

4 Sing praises unto the LORD, O ye | saints of his;

* and give thanks unto him, for a re- | -membrance of his holiness.

5 For his wrath endureth but the twinkling of an eye, and in his | pleasure• is life;

* heaviness may endure for a night, but joy | cometh in the morning.

6 And in my prosperity I said, I shall never | be removed:

* thou, LORD, of thy goodness, hast | made my hill so strong.

7 Thou didst turn thy | face from me,

* and | I was troubled.

8 Then cried I unto | thee, O LORD;

* and gat me | to my LORD right humbly.

9 What profit is there | in my blood,

* when I go | down •into• the pit?

10 Shall the dust give thanks | unto thee?

* or shall | it declare thy truth?

11 Hear, O LORD, and have | mercy• upon me;

* LORD, be | thou my helper.

12 Thou hast turned my heaviness | into joy;

* thou hast put off my sackcloth, and | girded me with gladness:

13 Therefore shall every good man sing of thy praise with- | -out ceasing.

* O my God, I will give thanks | unto thee for ever.

Glory be to the Father, and | to the Son,

* and | to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now, and | ever shall be,

* world without | end.   Amen.