Dominus regnavit.

The LORD is King, the earth may be | glad thereof;

* yea, the multitude of the isles | may be glad thereof.

2 Clouds and darkness are | round about him:

* righteousness and judgment are the habit- | -ation of his seat.

3 There shall go a | fire before him,

* and burn up his | ene•mies on | every side.

4 His lightnings gave shine | unto• the world:

* the earth | saw it•, and was afraid.

5 The hills melted like wax at the presence | of the LORD;

* at the presence of the Lord | of the whole earth.

6 The heavens have de- | -clared his righteousness,

* and all the | peoples• have seen his glory.

7 Confounded be all they that worship carved images, and that delight in | vain gods:

* worship | him, all ye gods.

8 Sion heard of it, and rejoiced; and the daughters of | Judah• were glad,

* because of thy | judgments, O LORD.

9 For thou, LORD, art higher than all that are | in the earth:

* thou art exalted | far above all gods.

10 O ye that love the LORD, see that ye hate the thing | which is evil:

* the Lord preserveth the souls of his saints; he shall deliver them from the | hand of the ungodly.

11 There is sprung up a light | for the righteous,

* and joyful gladness for | such as are true-hearted.

12 Rejoice in the | LORD, ye righteous;

* and give thanks for a re- | -membrance of his holiness.

Glory be to the Father, and | to the Son,

* and | to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now, and | ever shall be,

* world without | end.  Amen.