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Children & Youth Christian Education

Sunday school classes for children at St. Francis are designed with the recognition that the parent is the child's primary teacher. Learning and discussing the Bible with other children or youth, discussing how to live in our society as child and servant of God, as well as learning to obey God can only solidify the religious foundation formed at home. All the youth are welcome to attend Sunday school classes.

Children are divided into two classes grouped by age: grades 6 and up and grades 5 and below. The youngest children (aged 3-4 and below) play in the nursery. Classes are held at 9:30 – 10:30 am each Sunday from the Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day with a two-week break at Christmas

Class activities include attending the first part of the 9:30 service. Those who can read are encouraged to follow along in the prayer book and to participate in the liturgy with the rest of the congregation. At announcement time, children leave the sanctuary to meet in the classrooms.

A highlight of each Sunday school year is our Operation Christmas Child collection, taken just before Thanksgiving. Toys, school supplies, hygiene supplies, and other small gifts are collected from the congregation to be packed by the Sunday school youth into shoe boxes and sent around the world, with a copy of the Gospel, by the large worldwide Operation Christmas Child ministry sponsored by Samaritan's Purse.

Elementary Class (taught by Missy Nelson)

  • From January through May, the elementary class lessons are adapted from the Cokesbury One Room Sunday School curriculum. Each Sunday includes a dramatic telling of the Bible story using simple props, an art or craft activity, prayer time, and the shared feast snack. Additional activities are drawn from supplemental material and the web.
  • When desired, parents may come to the classroom to bring children back into the service briefly for Fr. Len's blessing at the altar rail.

Youth Class (taught by Doug Cooper)

  • The youth class studies the weekly Bible readings and Biblical history basics, and also reviews vocabulary and parts of the Catechism each week. When appropriate, confirmation instruction is also provided.



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